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One the biggest benefits we bring to you is WE STOP you from making THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES (see our "Free tips/news etc" page for a list of examples).  We ensure your business plan will MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION AND BE CREDIBLE...giving the reader that much needed boost in confidence in your vision and what you have to say. 

So why use us?  Why not write the business plan yourself, use your accountants or buy an off the shelf business plan template (which you can do quite easily using the internet)?

You may have written a business plan yourself already.  Our experience is that this could well provide a very good foundation upon which we can improve.  However, it is unusual for this to be complete enough in all areas for it to be totally credible.  You may not have the necessary spreadsheet skills to produce the level of sophisticated financial modelling that we can do (sometimes with our eyes shut!).

In fact, WE GUARANTEE THE WORDS AND NUMBERS IN YOUR EXISTING BUSINESS PLAN WILL ALREADY BE LACKING IN KEY AREAS and include some of the most common mistakes.  Why not try our Business Plan Appraisal service, where we not only give you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE but ALSO WILL SEND YOU A £50 CHEQUE if we do not find any areas which need improving.  

What we have been trying to explain above is that YOUR VALUABLE TIME IS BETTER SPENT ON GROWING YOUR BUSINESS than it is on worrying about your business plan.  Right, so who else might you use?

Your accountants will be able to put together a business plan for you but they will not be able to bring the same level of BUSINESS EXPERIENCE and BUSINESS PLANNING SKILLS.  More often then not, the plan will be prepared by junior staff with only a few years business experience who will be good at audit and accounting but not so good at business planning.

You may have an accountant or bookkeeper in your team already but again they will not usually have the experience and skills that we have.  A simple test....ask them to produce an integrated profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet which will take account of vat, corporation tax, interest, depreciation and does not require their input for you to do a range of what-if exercises.

You could use an off-the-shelf business plan template (you can easily find these on the internet).  At the end of the day, you will get what you pay for and these are inexpensive but inflexible.  You will still end up having to do ALL of the work or find someone to do it for you...and when it comes to the numbers the inflexibility of these packages will cause you real problems.  Remember, EXPERT BUSINESS PLANS ARE 100% TAILORED TO YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS and are a work of art rather than a "painting by numbers" exercise.

If, after reading all this, you feel that our different approach and our business planning service may be of value to you then please click here to contact us to request an initial FREE & NO STRINGS telephone consultation.  However, if you still need to read more then spend some time visiting the rest of our website.

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