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We specialise in providing tailor-made professional business plans for Business Owners and our fees range from £2,500 upwards, depending on the work required.

The BENEFIT TO YOU of using Expert Business Plans is the fact that WE ALWAYS PRODUCE A BETTER QUALITY BUSINESS PLAN and a better quality business plan is much more likely to DELIVER THE RESULTS YOU NEED.  Why take the risk of doing it any other way - see many other BENEFITS on our next page.

The very essence of Expert Business Plans is that it is a PERSONAL SERVICE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS.  We believe we add most value to a business owner, who is an individual.  WE UNDERSTAND OWNER MANAGED BUSINESSES and the ENTREPRENEURIAL ENVIRONMENT - and we do not want to waste your time by being too "corporate" in our approach.

Typical clients are:

  • start-up to £25m turnover
  • seeking funding of not less than £50k (up to c£5m)
  • planning to double their business or more in the next twelve months

We realise that TIME IS MONEY TO YOU and WE MINIMISE THE TIME YOU WILL NEED TO SPEND WITH OUR BUSINESS PLANNING EXPERT. You will only need to explain things once.  Everything will be focused towards speed of delivery, as well as quality of course.

The whole planning process will be FUN, INTERESTING AND A LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR YOU.  We do not just leave a document with you that is lifeless....it will feel part of you and that it is the result of your hard work and all we did was help you put it together in a quality way. We will take a REAL INTEREST IN YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR SUCCESS.  We are confident our work will unearth new opportunitites in your business and also help you identify and manage the risks too.

If, after reading this, you feel that our different approach and planning service may be of value to you then please Click here to CONTACT US to request an initial FREE & NO STRINGS telephone consultation.

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Business insurance?  You will at some point need to consider the cost of business insurance and the cover you require.  You can compare quotes by visiting www.decision-finance.co.uk You will also be able to find some very useful information on the types of insurance you will require.

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