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Expert Business Plans was created in 2001.  The founder has over 30 YEARS OF BUSINESS EXPERIENCE and has been involved with both managing large companies and running small businesses.  He has PRODUCED BUSINESS PLANS TO RAISE FROM AS LITTLE AS £30,000 to £60 million. He has featured in the business press, is involved with a number of small businesses personally and has also addressed small business owners at prestige venues such as Olympia and Earls Court.

In 1996, after 21 years of senior financial and operational roles in blue chip international companies, he decided to join a small business start-up and built this FROM £1M TO £100M  IN 4 YEARS and a listing on the London Stock Exchange.  After deciding to start-up his own consulting business, in 2001, Expert Business Plans was created.  

We have now SUPPORTED MORE THAN 75 BUSINESSES AND BUSINESS OWNERS and helped many of these to get what they want (we have to be honest at this stage and say not everyone will get what they want but we always try harder than anyone else and never give in).  Recent business planning assignments taken on by our experts include:

  • Joint Venture plan - software company
  • £30k home service business - small firms loan guarantee scheme
  • £70k telecoms - small firms loan guarantee scheme application
  • £100k patented product - small firms loan guarantee scheme
  • £250k internet based business - bank and equity funding
  • £250k funding and IP spin out - mobile technology
  • £1m biotech company - equity and loan funding
  • £1m land developer - bank finance
  • £2m funding - a serial entrepreneur and start-up call centre business
  • £2m holiday complex - equity funding

A business plan is a SALES DOCUMENT and one of the most important in the life of a business.  It, therefore, needs to look and feel good, as well as have great content.  It must convey the correct sales messages, in the best light and in a way the reader can quickly grasp and be inspired by.

As a small business owner, you can often be too close to your business and not SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES.  You could well go on forever explaining something that doesn’t need it or saying too little on something that is of critical importance to the reader.  Part of the skill and experience we provide is identifying the best way to target and convey your messages - much as a copywriter would do for any sales brochure. 

Your business plan will have one or more goals.  More cash?  More profit? More customers? More staff? We do not forget that THE REASON FOR YOUR PLAN IS TO GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT and we don’t do anything which dilutes this message and will do everything to make sure it happens.

The whole planning process will be FUN, INTERESTING AND A LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR YOU.  We do not just leave a document with you that is lifeless....it will feel part of you and that it is the result of your hard work and all we did was help you put it together in a quality way. We will take a REAL INTEREST IN YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR SUCCESS.

If you would like to discuss how we might work together further then please click here to CONTACT US. Or go to the next page What to do NEXT.

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